Services for Seniors


When selecting a new home and living environment, it is important that you have an understanding of the options in senior living and the choices that are available to you. Careful planning and preparation is essential to ensure a stress-free move and smooth transition.
Next Step Organizing Services will assist you in determining the housing option that best suits your needs and wishes. Using our extensive knowledge of the types of accommodation available to seniors, we are confident that we will be successful in finding the best choice for you.

We will:

Meet with you to assess your needs and discuss housing options.

Provide you with detailed information about housing options and assist you in shortlisting your choices.

Schedule appointments and coordinate tours of potential new homes for you.

Design the layout of your new home.

Prepare a budget and plan for your move.

Downsize your home & belongings, preparing you for a move.

Recommend realtors for the sale of your home and assist in preparing your property for market.

Manage the transition to your new home, including packing your belongings, coordinating the move and unpacking your belongings and settling you into your new home.